These classes will take place on Friday 10th June 2022, in the TopSpec Arena and are very popular classes for competitors and spectators alike. It is a great place to spot horses who may well be future Bramham Champions!

The 2022 competition will be judged by Sue Ritchie (dressage), Rosemary Hetherington (jumping) and Peter Crafts (conformation).

Entries OPEN 1st March 2022  – Competitors can enter online at by clicking on the following link www.equoevents.co.uk

BYEH Bramham Schedule 2022


NB: We ask that all horses have been vaccinated in accordance with FEI Rules, checks will be done. This information relates to all horses including those bringing companion horses. The current FEI rules require horses to be vaccinated 6 monthly. Please refer to the BYEH Schedule for further details or call the Bramham Horse Trials office on 01937 846000.

Details of the 2022 competition are below:

SECTION I Dressage Test 30 marks
SECTION II Jumping 40 marks
SECTION III Gallop 10 marks
SECTION IV Conformation and Quality 20 marks
Prize Money
1st £75
2nd £50
3rd £35
4th £25 (over 15 starters)
5th £25 (over 20 starters)
6th £25 (over 30 starters)
1 qualifier 1-11 starters Subject to finishing in the top 5 placings – this is applicable where previously qualified horses are placed higher up the line
2 qualifiers 13-24 starters
3 qualifiers 25-36 starters
4 qualifiers Over 37 Starters


SECTION I Dressage Test (60m x 20m) Arena Marks will not be awarded for individual movements but the test will be marked for general impression and overall performance.
SECTION II To be followed immediately by: Jumping. NO time will be allowed between these sections for any adjustment to tack or rider’s dress. Maximum height of fences 0.90m (4 year olds) 1.05m (5 year olds). Fall of horse or rider or a total of three refusals will result in elimination
Note: fence height at Final 1.00m (4 year olds) and 1.10m (five year olds).
SECTION III Gallop (10 marks) Gallop: immediately after the jumping the 5 year old horses will be required to gallop. The 4
year olds will only be required to lengthen the canter indicating they could learn to gallop
with further development and maturity.
SECTION IV Conformation (12 marks) and Quality (8 marks) Note: in the event of equality of marks after all four sections, the jumping mark will take
precedence. Should this still produce equality of marks, the highest mark attained in the gallop
section followed by the dressage section will be the deciding factor