The CCI4*-L competition at Bramham is regularly hailed as one of the greatest events of its level in the world. This class regularly attracts the very best horse and rider combinations, including Olympic, World and European Champions – each one trying to win this prestigious competition.

The famous (or should we say ‘infamous’) cross country course is designed by multi Olympic, World and European medallist Ian Stark OBE. (More information about Ian can be found on our ‘Meet The…’ pages by clicking here. The course is always challenging and exciting, and you will always find the biggest crowds around the water jumps – are they all waiting for someone to get wet?!

To enter the CCI, horses and riders must first have attained successful results at various lower levels, and it can take four or more years for horses to be trained to this high level.

Internationally there are four levels of competition, rated by ‘stars’. A one star (CCI*-L or CCI*-S) caters for those horses or riders entering probably their first three-day event, and is at Novice level, a two or three star is for Intermediate combinations, whilst a four star (CCI4*-L or CCI4*-S) such as Bramham attracts riders with Advanced horses competing at the top of the sport, who may go on to greater International success at CCI5* and Championship events. Badminton and Burghley, Great Britain’s highest level events are both at four star level.

For more information about the three disciplines of eventing – dressage, cross country and show jumping – and the scoring system, click here.


Dressage for this class is on Thursday and Friday.
Cross country takes place on Saturday.
Show jumping is on Sunday.
Prize giving is mounted, and takes place in the Main Arena straight after the final horse in the competition has jumped.

2022 CCI4*-L Ground Jury is as follows

Polly Ann Huntington (AUS)

Annabel Scrimgeour (GBR)

Xavier Le Sauce (FRA)


Horses entering the FEI Stables Area that are not competing must be FEI-registered Horses. They must comply with the equine influenza vaccination requirements as described in Article 1003, undergo an Examination on Arrival and comply with any additional health requirement.

2022 FEI Schedule

Should you have any queries relating to the competition, please contact our Entries Secretary, Jen Caley – email