Class 1



Class 1 : Lightweight

Name of Horse Owner Rider
1 Caunton King George Annette Michael Anne
2 MHS Charlie Fox Miss V Tennant Aubrey Chapman
3 Special Choice Ms L Sheppard Lyssa Sheppard
4 Guardsman IX A Thompson Jim Thomson
5 Erame-s Philippa Luckin Chalire Swan
6 Rumbo Ruth Parker Martin Leach

Class 2 : Middleweight

Name of Horse Owner Rider
1 Bloomfield Bespoke Vicotria Tennant Aubrey Chapman
2 Dartans Block Buster Paulette Cooper Paulette Cooper
3 Bloomfield Valhalla Polly Coles Polly Coles
4 Tredragon Andrew McCowan Gilly McCowan

Class 3 : Heavyweight

Name of Horse Owner Rider
1 Honour n Glory J Minoprio Lucinda Martin
2 Gold Starlight Richard Kent Rebecca Crosbie Starling
3 The Parishoner Mrs R Maxwell Suzanne Walker
4 Green Hill Eclipse Nicola Shields Nicola Shields

CHAMPION: Honour n Glory, owned by J Minoprio and ridden by Lucinda Martin
RESERVE CHAMPION: Gold Starling, owned by Richard Kent and ridden by Rebecca Crosbie Starling

Class 5 : Working Hunter

Name of Horse Owner Rider
1 MJM Lazlo Mrs Paulette Cooper Louise Lyons
2 Bloomsfield Incognito Susan Farrow Kelly Ward
3 Errig Graf Lily Roberts Lily Roberts
4 Bellevue Tomboy Matthew Cooper Matthew Cooper
5 Silver Lough William Pittendrigh William Pittendrigh
6 ABC Little Rock Ginny Rose Ginny Rose

Class 6 : Novice Working Hunter

Name of Horse Owner Rider
1 Jessop Spellbound Annabel Roberts Annabel Roberts
2 The Grey Gremlin Chantelle Smith Chantelle Smith
3 Harthill Mexico Thomas Dunning Thomas Dunning
4 Sweet Banks Royal Ginny Rose Ginny Rose
5 FVS Corde Z Million Judy Blackmore Judy Blackmore
6 Demi Minutus Sarah Rotherham Sarah Rotherham